Any time you see someone posting a screen shot showing high traffic levels or high revenue, it’s more often than not because of great rankings on the internet. While it’s true there are different ways they are driving traffic, it’s also correct that the various search engines provide a major supply of traffic.

Actually, entire companies happen to be built depending exclusively on internet search engine traffic. Many have contended that organic visitors are dangerous business because search engines like google change their formula constantly. Which means that it is perfectly normal for rankings to maneuver up and lower. If the various search engines ban a website, that may be the finish from the site because no traffic means no revenues.

So in the event you consider going after internet search engine traffic? The reply is yes, try not to make internet search engine traffic the only supply of traffic.


By working smart and focusing on backlink building techniques that continuously provide you with traffic, even when your rankings are hurt because of some penalty.

With regards to Search engine optimization, there are numerous ways to get it done. The most crucial factor you should know, would be to build back-links. The greater sites connect to you, the greater your rankings is going to be.

Now there are lots of backlink building methods. So that you practice? For example, you will find directory submissions, article promotion, social bookmark submitting, etc. Which method is easily the most ideal?

From personal encounters, I have found article promotion to become best. Whenever you participate in content creation and submission, your posts get printed across a large spectrum of websites. It’s unlikely that the various search engines ban each and every article directory. So that your articles remain available indefinitely and then provide you with traffic. Observe that this occurs even when your domain is penalized by the various search engines.

Another advantage of utilizing article promotion is the fact that it’s not necessary to spend all of your time watching your research rankings. Just leave the various search engines alone. They are doing their stuff, and also you do stuff. You discover that even though you bring your eyes from the rankings, you’ll still receive traffic in the articles you have written and distributed.

There is no alternative to SEO in online marketing, and if you are looking for real results in 2017, you have to rethink your strategies. Start afresh by hiring a reputed SEO consultant Singapore for evaluating your website from scratch.