Can-Am is a popular automobile company that has been manufacturing the best quality vehicles to motorcycle enthusiasts. Some of their finest range of motorcycles includes F3-T “bagger” and sporty F3-S with an amazing sports riding mode that provides controlled real wheel drifts. The latest expansion in their F3 line is F3 Limited that is available at an unbelievable lower price.

Design features

Le bombardier spyder is designed in a specialized way to provide the ultimate experience in two up yacht based touring. Its “U-Fit” system enables bike rider to efficiently customize the position of footpeg and handlebar to get the optimum level of cruising comfort.

It is equipped with the removable top case, integrated passenger backrest and ample space to easily accommodate 2 full-face helmets. Some of these features are a self-inflating suspension of air, automatic, footboards, heated grips and a 6-speaker audio surround system.

Observations while testing the vehicle

Many experienced bike riders rode the Can-Am F3 Limited through the crispy and crusty road to know the level of comfort, power and efficiency it gives to the riders. The various functions of the bike were thoroughly tested such as the sound system, cruise control, windscreen, steering, floorboards, brakes and bags.

It was found that Can-Am F3 Limited automobile offered heightened comfort, class, and superior level comfort and performance features that none other vehicle has ever provided to motorcyclists.

To effectively fulfill the desires of cruiser-touring or 3 wheeling touring riders, Can-Am F3 Limited has added several new remarkable features to enable riders to carry increased stuff in a comfortable, and enjoyable way safely and efficiently.

Newly added features

Can-Am F3 Limited has got new saddlebags that are fitted into the body of the models, and properly carry the rear turn-signals and taillights. This addition allows riders to carry 21-gallons of luggage that nearly equals to half of the total touring RT with large sized top box and side bags.

This MP3-ready vehicle offers the powerful new sound system which can be used via USB port or the 8th inch jack. The high-quality music provided by this feature makes riding all the more enjoyable experience.

The best part of Can-Am F3 Limited vehicle is that it is a great gift for beginners. Nearly one-third of its owners are riders who are new to a motorbike. Its new lower price makes ownership of Spyder as accessible as it can be.