Each time we celebrate an occasion, we make sure to celebrate it in such a way that makes the occasion memorable and love-filled. Be it Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Rakshabandhan, Father’s Day, Christmas or any other occasion, celebrating with cakes is one of the most remarkable ways in which we can add an extra dose of charm to the day. But it’s not just picking up a cake that counts. Instead, choosing the right cake is something that matters in order to make the celebration PERFECT.

Well, there are a variety of cakes that help make the celebration grand but there are some cakes that make a perfect statement on all occasions. Any guesses?

Well, it’s the CUSTOM CAKES. These are the type of cakes that would suit all occasions. Being able to be customised in any way one desires, they are an all time hit. Take the guide on occasions for ideas!

  1. Anniversary

Anniversaries are great milestones that ought to be celebrated. It’s a day to look back at the long journey of all the good and bad times that you both have been through. And what better way to celebrate the day than with a custom cake that has an imprint of a beautiful photo of the couple. If you are the third party wishing to surprise your favourite couple with a cake, go for a custom cake with a picture or a heart-warming quote atop the cake.

  1. Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is not an occasion one usually celebrates with cakes. But you can bring a twist to this occasion and put a beaming smile on your loved one’s face with a customised cake. If you are a brother, surprise your sister with a customised cake. Even if you are living in some other city, you can avail an option of sending cakes online to any place where your sister lives.

  1. Birthday

Birthdays are such special occasions that it becomes a MUST to celebrate them grandly. Birthday cakes can be customised in a lot of ways. If it’s the birthday of a kid, there could be a variety of Cartoon cakes, or you could also go for shape cakes like football, guitar etc.

  1. Mother’s Day

If you really want to express your affection for your mom, don’t surprise her just with a cake but with a photo cake instead. A beautiful picture of your mom with a heartfelt quote is the best way to surprise her and touch the chords of her heart. You can also club the cake with a bouquet to thank her for all the efforts she takes in to raise you so amazingly.

  1. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of cake options. You can go for cake based on a particular theme. Say, if your partner is fond of some particular sport like snooker cake, have the cake customised accordingly. Else, you can order for cake in the heart shape with a photo atop the cake.

Well, make sure you plan the occasion with a Custom cake and make your occasion grander and a lot memorable.