Your employer brand is whatever you want your candidates to understand or perceive about your company which includes your value system, your brand experience and your work culture but often more. And branding has always been a core tool for marketers to take over the hearts and minds of their target consumers. It is an emerging trend that these practices play a crucial role in the talent attraction formula that influences the job markets. While your employer brand has many factors that you can directly control such as your work culture, value system, brand image and many such factors across various platforms. Your true employer brand includes factors that are outside of your direct control. These exterior factors include but are not limited to media, employee inner circles, consumer experience, consumer marketing and word of mouth. Here we discuss how best to influence such factors to make a more all-around employer brand than most of your competitions which makes your employers attractiveness top of the industry.

Steps to building a more complete employer brand.


The publishing world has a very strong age saying “content is king” and this is very applicable in your branding on the whole. Providing strong information and credibility that holds value over promotional content creates spaces and also the news that comes around is to carefully monitor and steps that maintain your brand message is vital.

Friends and family:

What does a candidate’s inner circle think about you? Companies can cultivate and guide their employer brand through messaging, but your brand boils down to what other people think, what people say about you when you’re not in the room. You can only influence this aspect with carefully planned strategies that positively reinforce not just your employees but their families too.

Consumer experience & marketing

What experience do people have when they buy from you? Your consumer is your largest marketer and brand builder, a brand that responds and engages beyond promotions and creating a product satisfaction and feedback system will effectively increase sales but also influence your employer brand. Many of these factors are impacted by the things that you can directly influence and hence it is really important to build an all-around brand with one voice through many channels.

Focus on aligning your recruiting brand closely with your consumer brand and providing a great candidate experience. Get this right and you should see a positive impact across these areas