For every citizen, they might think that their government is lousy as there are really a number of issues when it comes to the government systems all over the world, but still you should know that they can be your allies. Yes, no matter how cruel you think the government is, but when you will end up in a sticky situation in a foreign land, it is your government that will come to your aid. This is why, it really pays to know everything about your government or at least about the system which you think you will need in the future.

Like for example if you are working in another country aside from your homeland, then you must know where the German embassy is in that particular country. If you don’t know where to start getting information about them like their mission or their contact numbers and so on, there are sites online that provide a list of all the German embassies & consulates. Actually, there are more than just one site and each site might be able to offer you different information thus if you are not satisfied with the first site you check, you can look for another.

Here are some important matters you might need to know when planning to visit Germany:

  1. Not all the times that you need to get a visa if you are planning to have a short stay in Germany like up to 90 days only. There is a site that list down those countries that only need to get the visa for this length of stay.
  2. If you are not a resident of Germany and you wish to study or work in this country, you need to obtain a visa first. This is good for all the foreigners. However, those who are from EU countries and citizens of Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein don’t need a visa just to work or study in this country.
  3. If you want to apply for a German visa online, that is possible. Just look for an accredited site so that you can find the application form to download.
  4. If you have a visa that is issued by a German consulate, you can use that to travel in other countries such as Denmark, Switzerland and more. This is based to Schengen agreement.

  1. Even if you are just passing by Germany but your flight is due to the next day, you still need to apply for a regular visa as transit visa is only good if you will just stay in the airport the whole time. Since the accommodations are not inside the airport, then you surely need to step out of this facility. You should just prepare a visa.

Indeed it is important to be aware of the system of your country and the countries you plan to visit. As they say, ignorance of the law will not be considered thus be responsible and follow the system.

Author Bio – Ivaylo is expert when it comes to topics such as embassies and consulates. He claims that everyone should take the time to be aware about these systems.