Ever you ever contemplated your own existence? Have you felt the pressure of living a life without a purpose? Your life needs a reason, and that reason is Christ. Christian ministries are proving to be more relevant than ever before. Ministry in Christianity includes all kinds of activities and related tasks that are carried out by ministers, pastors and other members to share their faith with the rest of the world.

Each ministry is guided by ministers, who are authorized by churches to offer spiritual guidance to the existing community and beyond. Renowned ministers like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome have influenced, helped, and guided millions of people around different continents and have evoked interest in Christ, his commands and overall faiths of the Christian community.

The need for growth

Every ministry has one singular objective – To take forward the divine presence of God. As a human, you can choose to be youthful at heart. However, if you are a believer, you have to strive for growth. You must develop in love for God and others around you. When a person follows Christ, he makes the choice of evolving into a better human. You cannot just afford to the same person all the time. It is also not about aiming for maturity without understanding one’s beliefs. Instead, Pastor Chris suggests on spending time with Jesus. You have to hang out with Jesus more, and there will be a change in your overall growth and transformation. It is important to realize that every single thing is real – Love, Hell, Paradise, Salvation, and Death. Once someone accepts the need for growth, he will find the way with Jesus.

Finding real growth

As mentioned, both paradise and hell are real. As a believer, you don’t need to wait for tomorrow to follow Jesus. By using that path, you are living in hell today, hoping to find paradise later. Your journey with Christ starts today, and you have to live within the domain of the Holy Spirit. Jesus doesn’t ask anyone to do anything that’s difficult and hard, because Jesus has done it all. In fact, all one needs to do is take Him as a personal Savior. The Christ Embassy also encourages people to accept the whole truth and follow the path of Jesus, instead of verbal commitments. The Holy Spirit will start transforming you and your heart, because God knows out life and the things that have gone wrong.

Attending healing sessions with a minister or pastor is a great way of rediscovering life. It is not just about a path, but it is more about following Jesus and his ways, which is based on truth, growth and love. Over the years, people have moved away from the things that actually mattered, and with churches and ministries doing their efforts, things are changing, slowing but at a steady space. Attend as many events as you can and be a part of the community. The path is ahead of you, and it only requires believe and faith. .