The invention of Ski-Doo snowmobile would not be credited to a single person.  The snowmobile has been believed to be invented as early as 1900. Nonetheless, Carl Eliason built the foremost prototype of the modern snowmobile in 1924. It was the first gas-powered snowmobile. He patented his work after three years and designed approximately 40 snowmobiles. However, when Finland ordered more than 175 for military usage, Carl Eliason sold the patent to FWD Company.

Popular winter past time

The snowmobile has remained a popular winter past time for decades. It has been improved upon over time in a drastic measure. However, when snowmobiles first came out, they only had about 5HP or horsepower. Presently, they incorporate 100-150HP.

Moreover, there has been a huge variety of aftermarket accessories such as windshields, hand guards, seats and covers.  A wide number of other gadgets have been made available in the present day’s market, which would assist in increasing the power, value and manoeuvrability of any snowmobile. A majority of accessories along with customization of accessories could be bought right from the showroom floor.


Dangers associated with riding a snowmobile

Similar to any other kind of machinery, whether moving or stationary, there have been several perils associated with riding snowmobiles. However, proper safety gear such as jackets, helmets, padded suits and more could help stop major injuries.

As some snowmobiles have high acceleration and bad manoeuvrability, it needs physical strength and skill to control a snowmobile. The greatest peril to any person riding snowmobile has been an avalanche. A majority of snowmobile riders have lost their lives this manner than any other.

A majority of snowmobile riders might and would have drowned, as they have driven their machines on unstable ice on rivers and ponds.  When a snowmobile tends to break through any kind of unstable, thin ice the heavy winter gear of the rider stops them from swimming easily or for that matter, floating. At times, simply taking the time to read a warning sign would be all it might take to be safe and stay out of danger.


Higher popularity of snowmobiles

Snowmobiles have been becoming highly popular considering there have been several areas where snowmobiles would now be used. People could not access them at all in the past years. A majority of cars cannot get to a mountain slope or manoeuvre between trees. Only highly experienced hikers could walk such great heights and distances, especially in the winter season.