Hair is a fascinating thing. As men lose them, sometimes awfully young, kids cut them, usually in a very modern art style, women want their hair long, thick and healthy. Hair over the years has become a symbol of women’s sexual freedom and femininity. Think about it, we are the only species to cut our hair.

However, taking care of your hair is not that easy. As hair is mostly made of protein, it is very sensitive to the changes in your body. Stress, hormones, eating habits and your routine to take care of it can really change its appearance.

Here are a few tips for your tips at your fingertips when you are broke.

The Shampoo

Without going into the whole new fashion of making your own natural shampoo based on avocado, honey, eggs and oil, the composition of your shampoo can make a difference. It is very important to buy one that matches your needs: clarifying, dry shampoo and those made for colored, oily, dry curly or straight hair. However, you need to be on the lookout for ingredients that in the long run are going to keep you from ever looking like Rapunzel. Bear in mind that most shampoos that lure people into thinking they are going to glue your split ends like a high pressure shaft seal containing silicone. Indeed, it does glue back the split ends allowing that hair to grow more. Unfortunately, this portion of hair is fragile and will eventually open back up, sometimes, right in the middle of that same hair.

The Oil Bath

For centuries, Mediterranean women have used the oil bath method to nourish their hair. It is not going to be the sexiest time of your week; if you need to go out, please pick another day. There are so many oils that can be used, olive and coconut are the best ones. Cheaper than any other hair product, they work wonders for dry ends and are so easy to use. Before you need to wash your hair, make sure to put some oil on your ends. It is chemical free and smells like vacation. You can leave the oil for a few hours or the whole night. Just make sure to protect your pillow if you want to keep the mixture overnight. An old towel or a plastic wrap is all you need. This will nourish your hair, protect it from harmful environment like pollution and temperature changes.

Stimulate the Growth

As far as split ends go, there is no remedy to stick the hair back together. You have to cut these dry ends. However, you can stimulate the growth of your hair to help it grow back faster. Vitamins exist like biotin to help the growth of hair and nails. However, pay attention because it stimulates the growth of all your hair, on your head, and below. You can also put a few drops of peppermint essential oil in your shampoo and massage your skull. It is easy, cheap, and natural, plus it smells nice.