As per the reviews of the users of Clenbutrol, it has been seen that the Clenbutrol is very popular for weight loss. Let us come to know how much is the fiction and how much is the truth. It has been said that the Clenbutrol is 100 times stronger than other fat burning steroids available in the market. Also, a few individuals have reported that they have lost 10 pounds of their weight in two weeks.

   The Clenbutrol is not a miracle drug for weight loss, as it possesses the anabolic properties. It is popular for burning fats at a very rapid pace. This drug is being used by athletes for enhancing their performance. Because of this reason, some of the international athletic organizations have banned the use of Clenbutrol. This is due to prevent individuals from taking unfair advantage over others. The thermogenic properties of the Clenbutrol make it beneficial for the athletes, power lifters and body builders.

The Clenbutrol boosts the metabolism of an individual and increases its ability to metabolize glycogen, as it releases glucose into the blood stream and makes the body unable to store glycogen. As a result to this, the body uses protein and fats very quickly for three of the reasons, including the recycling of components of molecules, excreting the components and producing energy.

This enables the Clenbutrol to lose fat.  This drug is the major element in the drug protocol of many endurance athletes. The Clenbutrol has anabolic properties and some animal research studies have shown results in the form of gains in the muscles, but are not intended for humans.

This drug is given to the livestock, animals that are leaner and more muscular.

Effective dosage:

The individual must always from small amount of Clenbutrol, so as to check its level of tolerance and must increase it over time. This is done every day and after a few days the range of dosage will be decided. The typical dosage for females is 2 to 4 tablets in a day, whereas for males it is 2 to 8 tablets in a day. If taken in this way, the individuals can avoid its side effects.


Another question associated with the intake of Clenbutrol is the cycle or the time period, i.e. for how much time it should be taken. If it is to be taken foe weight loss, then the cycle of 4 to 6 weeks is the best.  As the Clenbutrol is thermogenic in nature and it helps in rising the temperature of the body. So, if the temperature drops down, then it has stopped working. This symbolizes that the individual must take it for some more time.

From the above recommendations and reviews of Clenbutrol, it is clear that Clenbutrol is not a miracle drug for weight loss. In order to increase its ability to burn fats, tis is stacked with other steroids. This is also prepared for contest on cutting cycle. This helps the individuals to remove excess fat.