We all like the best when it comes to life, whether that be in the way we dress, eat, and even drive. But, when things change, like having a family, your needs change. But, that doesn’t stop you from wanting the best. Even when you need extra space for friends or family. Or perhaps you like to travel the open road, with plenty of space to do so in. If one of these stamens rings true to you. You should consider what a Mercedes SUV can do for you. I personally own went through my own experience with Mercedes and would like to tell you about it.

When I decided to go into a dealership I made sure I knew what I wanted. It was that it had to have space for passengers and a large trunk. Climate controls were a must and everything else was optional for me. As long as I can listen to music and sit with plenty of room, I was fine. Let me also say that I’m over six-foot-tall and that can be a challenge with some vehicles.

I arrived at a local dealership in Birmingham Alabama, as it is only an hour from where I live. I discussed what I wanted and browsed through all the newer models. I was also encouraged to look at the certified pre-owned models as well. This happened to be the best suggestion, being as that is what I went with. A red 2015 GLA250. Its price point was much more merciful to my wallet and I was able to get everything I wanted out of an SUV. The thing that surprised me the most about this SUV was the gas mileage that hung around 25 miles per gallon in the city and over 30 on the highway. Which was perfect considering the amount of traveling I do. Though not as strong as some of the newer SUVs, it didn’t really bother me that much. Climate controls were what I needed and the sound system was perfect. All I had to do was test drive that fine piece of machinery and I knew I was leaving with it.

Financing and maintenance packages were the next thing to consider. I would recommend picking up a maintenance package for any luxury vehicle, regardless what you intend to do with it. Average repairs for luxury vehicles can be a considerable amount more than a regular SUV and any way to save money is great.

At the end of the day, I love my SUV. It has everything that I could want in a luxury vehicle and more. But, I cannot vouch for any other make or model that Mercedes offers. But, if they keep the same quality throughout their inventory, then there is no way to be disappointed in your purchase. Every detail looks as if it was painstakingly done, for the benefit of its clients. Living no stone unturned in the name of quality and luxury. So, again, if this is what you want in a vehicle, you owe it to yourself, to go down to your local dealership and take a look.