While the business or home owners consider the features of a home, they eventually also look whether they should choose aluminium fence or wrought iron fence. However, to really make a distinguished choice, you need to look at features of both type of fence. To know more about them, you can visit Arteferro.com.

Distinguishing Features in Aluminium and Wrought Iron Fence

  • Cost

When considering the initial purchase price, the aluminium fence enjoys an advantage that is it can be relatively cheaper. However, when the paint on the aluminum fence starts to fade, then you can’t simply repaint it like other materials. Also, the white rust on the aluminium indicates corrosion. It can eventually corrode so badly that there would be nothing left to repair. At that time, replacing it would be the only option available.

Wrought iron railings and fence, however comes at a higher price. However, with a higher price comes better quality. Also, when it comes to the wearing out of paint, sturdy iron structure remains and generally do not degrade like aluminium. Hence, while you are paying a little high price for wrought iron, it is important to remember that you are making a one-time purchase, unlike aluminium that you would have to replace from time to time.

  • Construction

The aluminium fencing products are put together through brackets and bolts. If you are using it for security purpose, then it may not be ideal as they may not stand for long. Also, in extreme temperatures, the fencing may expand or contract at different rates and hence shortening its lifespan. If it is hit by a car or a tree branch falls on it, you would have to replace it.

On the other hand, the wrought iron fencing is 100% welded that make it strong enough to withstand any element. If faced with any uncertainty, they can easily be repaired or re-painted.

  • Design

When it comes to attractive designs and patterns, there can be nothing more generic looking as aluminium fence. It is a mass produced and disposable product. On the other hand, the wrought iron can be shaped in countless way, you can imagine. You can choose from a wide selection or can even make your own design.

Conclusion – If you are confused whether to choose aluminum or wrought iron fence, always remember that while aluminium can be cheaper, the wrought iron can last long and hence you can enjoy a lifetime value and service.