Whenever you are looking to purchase a used or pre-owned car, the one crucial element that you are required to check is the details of the previous ownership of the car. Even industry experts recommend to purchase one owner used car from the market. But it can be tough to search for used Tata Nano in Bangalore that falls in one owner category.

What is One Owner Used Car?

A one owner used car is generally that car that was owned by only one individual in the past. It should not have more than one owner in its ownership history. It should also not have a joint ownership at any given point of time.

Why Prefer One Owner Used Car?

These cars usually have better performance record because it has been used more carefully. Secondly, it is easier to find the maintenance and service records for the car. If the car has been passed down to multiple owners then it can be hard to have centralized information source for maintenance records.

Such cars also do not involve any legal risk since the owner who is selling the car has the rights to do so. In case of multiple owners, one of them might stake a claim to the car.

How to Search for One Owner Used Cars?

For online channels you can use the car aggregators websites who collate information from newspaper ads published across the country and present it to you. You can use that as a criteria along with the make and model of the car. You will get a list of one owner used cars in the country. You can use geographic filter to narrow down the search. However, do remember that these cars may not be certified cars by the aggregator.