Polyurethane foam concrete lifting is one of the other ways to leveling concrete slabs. Concrete lifting is required for a number of residential and commercial projects from time to time. In this post, we will talk about polyurethane foam concrete lifting in detail, along with facts that you need to know.

What are the advantages?

Experts believe that polyurethane foam concrete lifting is a better a solution to traditional mud jacking. The foam material doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the surface underneath, and thereby, works effectively. The downtime is quite lesser as compared to mud jacking, and the area can be used soon after. The actual process doesn’t need a lot of time either, and since polyurethane is used, smaller drills are required for the job. When it comes to durability, the foam is pretty durable, so you will recover the cost of investment.

Knowing the process

When concrete slabs shift down, polyurethane foam concrete lifting is used to level the ground. For this, a few holes are punctured on the surface of the concrete, and the foam material is put inside the holes. As the material expands underneath the slab, the concreate slabs move back to their original or intended position. While not all, some of the polyurethane foam mixes are known to be waterproof. If the concrete slabs are constantly exposed to water or are close to water areas, using waterproof polyurethane foam might be useful.

Getting the job done

Not all foundation repair companies deal in polyurethane foam concrete lifting, so look for the right service. Check for a company that’s licensed and insured, and if possible, do check the reviews of other customers. You can also ask for a few local references. The whole process can cost more than mud jacking, and therefore, you should seek an estimate in advance. The cost should include all the related expenses. Many services are not fair with regards to the estimate, so do take time to read the terms and conditions of their services. If you have any questions related to the foam material used, talk to the experts and ask about their inputs.

If done right, polyurethane foam concrete lifting can work effectively in lifting concrete slabs. You just need to check what works for your needs and don’t miss on discussing the work process and the time required for the job, which can vary depending on the project.