What do you search for in a car? Do you look for performance, luxury or both? Most people would look for both in their potential vehicle. It would not be wrong to suggest that when it comes to performance and luxury, there may be no one better than the Mercedes Benz AMG series. The vehicle would offer you luxury and comfort suitable to your respective needs and requirements. The cost of the Mercedes vehicles may be slightly on the higher side, but it should not deter you from owning the luxury. The Mercedes dealership would offer you with a world of finance and leasing options suitable to your budget.

Choosing the Mercedes G Class

Are you fond of SUVs? Who would not like to own an SUV that could tread anywhere without any hassle? The SUV would offer you with state of the art technology for the on and off roading experience. Apart from the performance of the vehicle, you would be making the most of your luxurious transportation needs. The Mercedes G class has been highly popular with the people in the SUV range offered by the company. The sleek style and powerful performance would be a treat to have.

Durability and safety features

Mercedes Benz has been known to offer the best vehicles that you could trust on. The durability of Mercedes G Class is evident in the manufacturing of the vehicle. The G Class has been manufactured using a truck body. However, it features a unibody construction offering powerful engine for optimal performance suitable to your needs. The safety features in the latest Mercedes vehicles would keep you safe, despite you travelling with your children or going on a solo business trip. The state of the art safety features have been specifically designed to avoid any kind of accident or mishap while driving on the road. Mercedes has been proving itself to live up to the expectations of the car lovers across the world. They have done exceptionally well with the Mercedes G Class models.

Cost of new Mercedes G Class model

The cost of the vehicle would vary largely on different aspects. It would be dependent on your mode of owning the vehicle. If you wish to own the Mercedes, the rate would vary from you looking forward to leasing the vehicle. The G500 Mercedes would cost approximately $125,000, whereas the upper end of models, the AMG G65 would cost you around $220,000. The G63 would cost around $141,000.