As the world is getting gaga over the drones and its aerial photography, it is the realtors that have rightfully taken the advantage of the technology at its fullest. By adopting the UAV photography besides the professional real estate photography, the realtors have achieved unbelievable business progress. They mostly depend on the most celebrated companies like the National Drones – aerial photography for capturing the sill photography as well as the videography as well.

The 360-degree virtual tour is similar to a live streaming of the event or any subject. The drones used for performing similar jobs are powered with the high-end cameras with high-resolution ensuring high-end clarity. It is not only that the real estate industry is immensely benefited by this technology, it is also contributing to agriculture, mining, civil engineering and construction, media, hotel industry, sports and more.

Let’s find out some of the reasons to use the 360-dgree virtual tour—

Long-lasting impression

With the help of quality 360-degree virtual tour, the decision-making process of the interested homebuyers can be easier. They will rather enjoy the process while virtually traveling the corridors, rooms, and the exteriors of the properties. It is the efficiency of the high-end drones that help the realtors in getting the finest photographs along with the opportunity to enjoy the 360-degree virtual tour. The customers can enjoy the details of both the exteriors and interiors of the properties along with the additional features the complexes have to offer such as the rooftop swimming pool, gardens, the surroundings of the complex and more.

Better exposure

Real estate photography has been elevated to the level of art. With the inception of drone real estate photography, things have become more advanced. It is the aerial tour that is showcasing overwhelming results. Clients looking forward to buy or take a property on lease are showing more interests in the properties where the realtors can cater the 360-degree virtual tours along with the high-end photography of the houses, condos, apartments etc.

Highly engaging

The prospect buyers of the properties are easily convinced by the realtors with the 360-degree videos of the properties. The pictures captured by the drones display the detailed pictures with the finest clarity. The buyers sitting in front of the screen watching the videos of the properties taken by the drones can literally get the feel of exploring the place by their own. The UAV is controlled in such as way so that the customers get the feel of reaching the venue on a helicopter as they will see the surroundings from the aerial view.

Next, as they enter the doorstep, the customers get the feel like entering their dream house as the lights get on and the drone start moving from rooms to rooms. It also enters the washrooms, kitchens, balcony etc and the customers are given the opportunity to explore the wonderfully decorated homes.

Improved online experience

The videos are also seen online. With proper credentials, the prospect buyers can easily explore the secured 360-degree videos or the realtor can also show them the video in their office as the customers visit them.

Author Bio-  Being a proficient UAV pilot and a co director of National Drones, Australia’s first franchised drone service business Brad Aylett Sloan writes his experiences and the contribution of drones in the present day industries.