The heating & cooling systems of your house are responsible for maintaining optimal indoor temperature. At the end of the day, these are machines that are prone to wear and tear. Experts recommend regular servicing of HVAC systems, and most homeowners prefer hiring a contractor ahead of the summers and winters for a regular check. What are HVAC service contracts, and do you really need one?

Knowing HVAC service contracts

Servicing of the heating and cooling systems should be a yearly thing in the ideal cases. Sadly, people don’t really bother about this aspect, unless there’s a major breakdown or repair requirement. With HVAC service contracts, you can avoid these concerns. These contracts are offered by experienced companies and contractors, who promise to care better for your HVAC systems. Typically, a contract includes scheduled maintenance and upkeep, and at the same time, it may cover the cost of smaller repairs. Depending on the terms and conditions of the service, you may get assistance for emergency issues, and your requests and calls might be attended on priority.

Do I need a maintenance contract?

While this is a matter of personal choice, you should consider getting a HVAC service contract. There are many benefits that cannot be ignored. When the heating and cooling systems are working efficiently, you can reduce your energy bills considerably. Also, there are lesser concerns, as far as fire and other hazards are concerned. Apart from the ensuring optimal temperature in the house, these systems are also important for maintaining indoor air quality. If the work of the system is compromised, you may have to deal with many health issues, especially if you have pets and infants at home.

How to choose a company?

There are many companies that specialize in HVAC service contracts, but you need to check a few aspects. Firstly, what kind of services is included in the contract? What’s the price you are expected to pay each year? Apart from Carrier GNR, does the company deal in other brands, as well? Is the contractor licensed? Do they have insurance? You need to be sure that the HVAC contractor will be available as and when you need them.

A better idea is to check their clientele, and if possible, do ask for a few references. Don’t shy away from seeking samples of the service contracts, which will help in understanding what they offer for their clients.