Steroids are natural hormones produced by the adrenal gland in the body. They are produced by the body to perform and regulate several functions. There are Sex hormones called testosterone in male and estrogen in the female, cortisone and cortisol are corticosteroids which find many uses in medicine, then there are mineralocorticoids that help to balance the ions mainly sodium and potassium in the cells, certain steroids are also made in the liver that help in digestion, not to forget cholesterol which is also a sterol by nature.

All or rather most of these steroids are available in the market as synthetic can learn more about these hormones online at websites like which provides basic information to all men regarding steroids and their uses. However, the most famous among all these are the anabolic steroids, which are the synthetic derivatives of the testosterone that are majorly used by athletes and bodybuilders for building lean muscle mass. Androgens are also known to perform functions in areas other than the reproductive tissues, such as muscle, bone, hair follicles in the skin, liver, kidneys, etc which makes them potential candidates for medicine also. Corticosteroids prevent or decreases inflammation and has good effects on the immune system, also used as medicine.

Steroids used as medicines

More than 100 steroidal drugs are approved by the FDA and are made available for the physicians for the purpose of prescription. One of the many functions of steroids is to decrease inflammation. This is required in arthritis which causes inflammation of joints leading to pain and swelling which often results in restriction of mobility. Corticosteroids are used to address arthritis, it can be used as pills, cream or in the form of injection also.Steroids are also known to function to cure asthma. Corticosteroids can be used as inhalers for taking care of asthma by reducing the symptoms and limiting the number of acute attacks.

Inflammation is the main component of many medical conditions which gives steroids a huge number of applications in the medical field. Namely, skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, which employ the use of steroids in the form of ointments or creams. For autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s disease, lupus, and multiple sclerosis steroids can be used orally. Corticosteroids can also treat some eye diseases and even cancers. They can prevent the symptoms that appear post chemotherapy among cancer patients and also cures allergies that can be caused due to blood transfusion.

Steroids used as muscle building supplements

Androgenic/anabolic steroids are made naturally in the body in order to regulate the production of testosterone in the reproductive organs. The production of this hormone is regulated by the pituitary gland. These are available as a prescription only medications for cases in which the body is deficient of the hormone and requires supplementation. However, this type of drugs is being used for enhancing athletic performance and also improving the body appearance. One can check on that anabolic steroids can provide benefits when taken as per doctor’s advice but they can create grave and sometimes even inevitable side effects when the use becomes abuse.