When it comes to the usage of steroids by women, it needs to be chosen quite consciously. There are very few steroids which can be used by women. They are also called girl steroids because they suit well for women. One among them is Anavar which is a very mild steroid.


Side effects:

There are plenty of anabolic steroids present in the market. Oral anabolic steroids are said to be most useful for men. But they should be used very consciously. They stop down the natural production of testosterone in the body. So once the steroid cycle is over, the individual should go for some medicine which can kick-start this production again. When one forms a cycle to follow, he should make sure that testosterone is the base.

Liver damage is the most common concern when it comes to oral steroids. They can be very dangerous toxins for liver. There can be mild side effects on the liver. Not all the anabolic oral steroids are dangerous. Many are less toxic when compared to alcohol. They are even less toxic than few counter medicines which people take as pain meds. As long as one uses steroids properly they can stay away from its severe side effects.

When an individual has to use them daily, he should take extra precautions. That is the reason oral steroids are usually prescribed in a cycle of 6-8 weeks. Commonly this is the cycle followed for many steroids. But mild ones like Anavar can be prescribed with extended cycles.

Compared to inject able steroids, oral steroids come with much shorter life. This is the reason they are suggested for daily use to yield the desired benefit. In some cases the doses should be taken entire day as small doses. Even if one misses out a single dose that wont affect much. But generally it is better to take it regularly. Especially when it comes to oral anabolic steroids following the small dose method is the key to success and sit away from side effects.

Usage of oral steroids for weight loss in women has become very popular. But many people fear about their side effects. Regular use of them can cause many side effects in women. Some of them include excessive growth of hair in all over the body, variation in their menstrual cycle, and deepening of their voice. For many women, they have resulted in reduction of their feminine features altogether. These effects are resulted from regular usage of steroids which are off-limits to them. Even though all steroids that men use can be used by women, few will result in adverse side effects in women. So it is always better to follow the bundle of steroids which are said to be safe for use by women. Even with all the information available on severe side effects of steroids which can be caused to the women body, many of the steroids have already gained popularity among women athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This may be due to their impatient nature or unconsciousness.