Are you looking for one of the cheap storage units in Mesa? If you are having a vacation in this busy city, there is indeed a good chance you will be looking for a storage unit as there are just so many things to buy from this city. Being the central city of the Phoenix metropolitan area, you can just expect that this city is always buzzing with tourists thus business owners will surely equip their shops with everything to accommodate their customers. So, when you are here in Mesa, this is really the time to shop till you drop dead!

But what type of tenant are you? There are different type of storage tenants and you might be wondering where you belong. You can check that for yourself though:

  1. Are you the speed racer type? – If you are this type of tenant, there is a good chance your location will always be known as you will always leave broken things behind. For you, speed is the most important aspect and this is why, you are always in a hurry. This is not good though as it means, you are not really cautious and you are prone to accidents.

  1. Are you the hoardinator type? – This is the type where one can hardly part with his things. If you happen to be this type, you have a trust issue like you always assume your things will be rummaged by others and will be thrown away. In fact, there are those who will really consider staying for a night in their storage unit.

  1. Are the space case type? – If you happen to be this type, it means you are the careless type like you are always forgetting where things are. Being organized is never your cup of tea thus you end up checking all boxes even when you are just looking for a single item. Most of the time, you either forget to lock your unit or you will just leave the lights on. The best way to do if you are like this is to have someone with you when storing things. This way, he can be your reminder.

There are still many other types of tenants that are not listed here. The bottom line is, whatever type of tenant you are, there is always a solution to your negative side.