Your bags have been checked in, your boarding passes issued but your flight hasn’t arrived yet? Is it the turbulence that caused the delay or is it the long transit time? Whatever be the reason, getting stuck in the airport for very long time can be boring and frustrating.

However, there are a lot of creative ways to spend the waiting time more productively. Check out some of the interesting tips below and eliminate boredom:

  • Make use of the lounge: Especially if you are on long flights, there is definitely going to be at least a stop and a few hours of transit time. This is the ideal time when you can make use of the lounge. Most of the airports have a lot of interesting stuff to offer. If you have travelled in Saudi Airlines, you would have got some quality time to spend at Doha airport and the perfume samples are definitely worth a try. Some airports like Changi offer free services like massages and spa as well.
  • Window shopping: Almost all the airports have a variety of sweet, chocolate and souvenir shops. Some airports even have glorified shopping malls that offer everything from neck pillows to jackets to anything else that you might want. Though the prices may be quite high, there is nothing wrong in taking a look at the expensive items on display.
  • Take a day trip: Many airlines like Saudi Airlines and many cities like Singapore, Chicago and Sydney offer a half day tour and visa for the passengers. Being a traveller for at least half a day amidst a long air travel can be a rejuvenating experience. Plus you get the perk of visiting a new place as well.
  • Rekindle an old hobby: Have you been so busy with your career and family that you have hardly any time for your hobbies and interests? Have you been postponing the urge to read your favourite book? Have you been waiting for a relaxing facial? This layover time is the ideal time to rekindle your old hobbies and interests. Head to a shop, grab your book and have a quiet read or head to a spa and relax.
  • Get back to nature: While travelling in Mumbai to London flights or any South East Asian flights, you can always find a lovely green respite from the concrete and glass structures of an airport. Singapore’s Changi Airport has more than a dozen garden throughout the complex. Getting back to nature by exploring the gardens and other creations in the airport can be a relaxing experience.
  • Enjoy some quiet time or play with the time: While one can spend the layover time in peace or put it into use for self-introspection, one can spend the time by playing guessing games and the like. Looking at the departure screen and guessing the countries for each destination city is interesting and knowledgeable.

When you have a multitude of options to spend your layover time in a much creative way, why worry about the transit time anymore.