Clenbuterol is a well known drug around the world which is used in losing weight by burning fat and developing lean muscle. It has been successful in giving athletes and body builders their desirable results. This drug helps in excess burning of calories by increasing the body temperature. Thus it leads to loss of weight. Losing fat content in the body helps to enhance the muscles giving en edge of a physique. This is desired by many around the world and hence the popularity of the drug has risen. The problem with this drug is that they have a long half life of around 48 hours. Therefore doctors do not recommend use of this drug often. But they are used to treat asthma due to its bronchodilator properties. Due to the half life issue, many side effects may crop up. To get the maximum results out of this drug with reduced side effects, one must know how to design a proper clen cycle.


Proper clen cycles

Clen tablets generally consist of 20 mcg. 20 mcg is a good and safe dose to start with. The cycles go on in an on and off mode. 2 weeks of the first dose should be followed by 2 weeks off, and continued in this way, increasing the dose by 20 mcg. The highest limit of dose is 120 mcg. Excess dose of the drug should be strictly avoided to avoid side effects. Resultat apres un cycle (result after a cycle) is visible and the thermogenic property of the drug ceases with time. Within 2 months of a cycle, the body temperature returns to normal and the anabolic effect also fades in a few days.

Best results

Clenbuterol is often used to recover after a consistent steroid cycle. The users may consume large portions of food with ease and not increasing the fat content of the body. The muscle strength is also taken care of by this drug as it is famous for building lean muscle. Great resultat apres un cycle (result after a cycle) is seen in weight loss programs. Clen has been proved to be beneficial and extremely efficient in burning fat and building lean muscle. It boosts the metabolism of the body by increasing the body temperature. For even more efficient results T3 may be included in the clen stack to get the maximum benefit out of it. However diet should be properly maintained as usual. It is a great alternative for anabolic drugs which have been used by the body builders earlier but they have more complicated side effects. Precautions while using clen must be taken care of. It should be kept in mind that clen should not be stacked with any other performance enhancing drug as such since the combination may lead to dangerous effects. Clen often leads to muscle cramps due to its dehydrating effect, lowering the taurine level. Therefore taurine doses should be stacked with the drug.