Every type of business has a unique interest, and unique expenses, that make it different from similar businesses in different fields. There are overlapping interests in many fields, but there is always at least one thing that other businesses just don’t understand. When it comes to hotels, the laundry is the thing that is just nearly impossible to explain to someone who has never run a hotel. The budgets for hotels operate just like the budgets for any other business. You are selling goods and/or services at a certain price, and that’s your revenue. Your expenses are the things you have to pay for such as your employees, supplies, and taxes. You have to charge your clients or customers more than your expenses so that you can get your money back and turn a profit. That’s the simple guidelines to keeping a business operational, however, the area of linens and laundry is where many hotels tend to trip up. If you do not properly deal with your linens and laundry, you’ll spend yourself into bankruptcy. It would be a shame to operate in the red, just because of bankruptcy. So, to examine the economics of linens and laundry, you must first examine the way the expenses work.

The Linens Themselves

The first expense you have to pay is the price of the linens themselves. You will need to buy high-quality linens for your patrons. Recent research has found that in the absence of glaring problems, most hotel visitors stay in the hotels with the most comfortable beds. Therefore, you can set yourself apart from your competition by buying the most comfortable linens, there are a few problems with that, however. The most comfortable linens are very expensive, and they are not very durable. The high thread count and the soft fabrics tend to fray and tatter in the wash. Since you’re running a hotel, you’ll have to wash them very regularly, which means you’ll have to replace them fairly often as well.

So, the expenses of the linens themselves are the price of the linens and the price of replacing them when they get old. Also, you have to buy several different sets of linens. You’ll need enough linens to change every hotel room, every day, if you get to full occupancy. You’ll also need some extras in case of an emergency, so to be safe, you should plan on buying three times as many sets of linens as you have beds. That can get very expensive very quickly. Then, you have to wash the linens.

Washing the Linens

Washing the linens is a huge expense as well. You have to wash the linens in your hotel rooms every day that someone is staying there, and again when they leave. That means you’ll have to wash and dry them in machines that consume electricity and gas. Energy researchers have found that a domestic washer and dryer can cost you about £300 per year, in a household setting. They calculate running the washer and dryer once a week. If you have to run it every day, that would multiply your costs by 600%. Then, you have to consider running it multiple times every day, it comes to a point where the price is astronomical.

Lastly, you have to pay someone to do all of that laundry, so the bottom line is that the entire ordeal is incredibly expensive. Fortunately, it’s not necessary. A UK based commercial laundry service can provide you with linens at a low cost.

How it Works

When you invest in a laundry service, they will provide you with high-quality linens for your rooms. When they come to deliver a new set of washed linens, they will also pick up the linens that need to be washed. That’s all it takes. They will bring you fresh linens and take away your old ones to be washed.

It might seem like this won’t save you any money because they’ll have all the same expenses as you would have and they’ll transfer them onto you, but that’s not quite right. The expenses of a commercial laundry operation are adjusted and spread out differently. For example, they do not have the same expenses for their linens because they buy them in bulk. While it might seem like your hotel is buying in bulk as well, they will be buying an order of considerable magnitude. So, the supplier to a laundry service might be inclined to offer them a significant discount because they’re ordering so many linens. Saving on the price of the linens themselves is only their first cost-cutting advantage. They then will save money on washing the linens.

Commercial laundry services have a vested interest in keeping their washing and drying costs low. To do that, they use the most efficient machines that technology can provide. The washing machines used by the best companies use the absolute minimum amount of water to get their linens clean, they also use as little electricity or natural gas as possible. The idea is that there are diminishing returns when you increase the amount of heat or water in a washing machine. Warmer water does help wash linens more quickly, however, at a certain point, the amount of expediting begins to taper off. A laundry service concerned with its bottom line will keep it right at a balance of energy efficiency and washing efficiency. Also, they use specially-designed cleaning solutions to get their linens clean with less water and less heat.

When they dry the linens, they try to use the same principle. There is a point at which the amount of heat applied to linens does not increase efficiency enough to justify the increase of energy costs. The balance is something that is very delicate and must be maintained, and fortunately, experts at these companies do maintain it.

Lastly, they do not have to pay as much for staffers. The machines that they use are very large and can be run by very few people. All of that adds up to a company that can pay significantly less to wash and dry significantly more linens. They pass those savings onto you.