The United Kingdom is a sovereign country. It is one of the most developing countries in the world. It has a very strong economy and there are many health institutions that offer free medical services and offer the best health plans. It has many financial opportunities for the people who are residing over there. The most common drug that is used by people for weight loss is phentermine. One of the most difficult problems that people of all age are going through is the problem of overweight. Phentermine is a weight loss drug that people are taking these days to help themselves in controlling their weight.  If you live in the UK and you want to lose your weight then you should choose a weight loss drug under the supervision and guidance of your doctor. And according to your doctor suggestion you should use it.


 People do use this drug because they fail to continue their therapy of weight loss which is mainly for long durations. This drug is for short treatment period and its swift acting process helps the people to lose their weight in a short duration. It has been seen that those process that are held for the long durations for weight loss are left mid-way by the people because they feel uncomfortable, they lose their patience and they are unable to cope up with the long term process and because of all these factors they go for phentermine drug. It is the most common drug that is used for treatment of obesity and weight loss. It controls the nerve system that deals with appetite and hunger and this helps in exhilarating and discharging the brain chemicals that distract your mind and restrict your appetite which reduces your sensation of hunger and you feel that you had enough.


Although this drug helps in weight loss it has many side effects such as increase heart rate, discomfort, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, hypertension and it also affects the central nervous system. This drug is not safe for those who have a history of medical problems and drugs abuse such as glaucoma, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, hyperthyroidism, etc. It also has the side affect of suppressing your appetite, irregular chest pain, mood swing, tremors, etc. It has been seen that an overdose of this drug leads to seizures, hallucinations, vomiting, headaches and blurred vision. Many researches has been done on this drug and it has been found that those people who were taking this drug for weight loss often complain that they began to feel odd,  they couldn’t eat more suffer from stomach pain, they can hardly sleep  and if they stop taking the pills they  regained the weight. It has been seen that though the drug is banned in U.K people are trying to buy this drug online but are not able to do so. So if you live in UK and you are facing overweight problem you need to take the pills that are legal over there.

Though it helps in reducing weight very soon it has been banned in U.K because it causes heart disease, it has also been found that this drug has been related or associated to derivation in heart valves, it also causes pulmonary hypertension and increase heart risk, nervousness, restlessness, trouble in urinating, fatigue, depression, dry mouth, facial swelling, etc.