But today, companies are releasing formulated and improved versions of curcumin and turmeric supplements which have high bioavailability and therefore easily absorbed by the body. The main issue with turmeric supplements is low bioavailability. This is the reason; it gets excreted after broken down in the intestine before absorbed by the body. This is the one reason it is difficult to achieve all the benefits of turmeric supplementation. So, many go for higher dosages, to yield desired effects.


One way to increase the absorption of turmeric supplements is by adding an extract of black pepper called piperine. This is the reason many brands are releasing turmeric supplements which contain proper piperine ratios. So it is better to chose these supplements which have improved bioavailability and can be taken in low doses.

Other ways to improve turmeric absorption is by adding fish oil, few essential fatty acids and lipid sources. Some of the brands even add bromelain, which also helps in increasing the absorption. There is a lipid based liquid product of curcumin available today. This liposomal formulation is more absorbable when compared to capsule form of curcumin because turmeric is fat-soluble.

Benefits of turmeric supplements:

These supplements come with lot of benefits. Some of them are,

  • It is very effective arthritis
  • It can also be used in dyspepsia or digestive upset
  • It can regulate elevated concentrations of blood glucose which is known as hyperglycemia
  • It is also useful in hypertension, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis
  • It is majorly used for heart issues and coronary artery diseases
  • Liver diseases like hepatitis and jaundice can be treated by this supplement
  • It is commonly used for headaches, cold, fever, pain, inflammation
  • In case of bacterial infections and parasitic infections turmeric is very useful
  • It is even used for depression and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Even in olden days and today turmeric is very useful in dermatological conditions

Mainly, both these curcumin and turmeric supplements are popular for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Many people opt to consume turmeric as an ingredient in food. Others opt for supplementation to yield its anti – inflammatory effects. This results in promoting overall health in an individual and reduction of pro- inflammatory developments.

They are used in the reduction of acute inflammations. They are also useful in reducing the pain associated with acute inflammations. In inflammatory skin conditions turmeric can be used to apply topically on inflammatory skin. In olden days, to treat eczema, turmeric was combined with water and they use to apply it on the skin.

Side effects:

Both curcumin and turmeric supplements should be avoided in certain conditions like pre – existing health conditions. One of the examples is hormone sensitive cancers. If an individual is already following some over – the – counter medication then these supplements should be avoided. There are chances that these may react with some of the prescribed medication as well. It is always recommended that one should consult doctor before taking these supplements and explain the health conditions and already following medications to avoid the side effects.