People have been playing poker games for centuries and day by day it is gaining more popularity when this game has been introduced online too. An Indonesian website is also offering a very secured environment for playing such games.

However, while playing such games on online environment you need to be careful about following irregularities so that you will not end up losing your money.

  • Sometimes the buttons may be placed in incorrect manner and while playing the game if you fail to notice then you can get it corrected. However, you will get only single chance for correction.
  • Keep your hands protected all the time. In order to protect your hand, you may use chip or any other object on top of it.
  • If different colour appears while playing, all the actions become void and the chips used are returned to bettors.
  • All action becomes void if two cards of equal rank and suit is discovered. Also, the chips are returned to all the players who wagered them.

  • If any player notices that the deck is defective then he needs to point it out to the concerned person. However, if tries to take advantage of that then he may lose his right to refund and chips will remain in the pot while making next deal.
  • In case extra money is found on the pot while dealing as a result of forfeited money due to the last deal then the player who dealt on the last deal will get the hand.
  • Any card is discovered in faceup position then it will be considered as a meaningless scrap. Scrap will be changed with an immediate next card that is below it.
  • If the joker of the game is not used as a joker then it is considered as scrap of paper. It will not be considered as misdeal if the joker is discovered. However, if joker is discovered before the player acts with the hand that he has got. Also, if the player does not declare joker before acting then his hand becomes dead.

  • If one or more than one cards are missing from the whole deck then the results in the hand does not become invalid.
  • In case any card is dropped from your hand then you are allowed to play with the card.

These are some of the points that you need to remember before wagering.