It’s come out to a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation for any man who doesn’t perform properly in bed. Various physiological as well as psychological problems are associated with the men’s lack of holding the erection for the sufficient time causing to the dissatisfaction of their partners. Men can suffer from various sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED), deficiency of testosterone, premature ejaculation, prolonged erection, Peyronie’s disease, etc.

Usually, it is strongly advised to consult a sexologist or a therapist. Proper diagnosis and medication as well as therapy can cure the issues nowadays. Often doctors prescribe impotence and harder erections vitamins to boost the energy of men suffering from similar issues.

So, if you want to know more about the common yet embarrassing male sexual disorders, here we’ve got some of them—

Erectile Dysfunction

Also, medically termed as ED, is a common yet a very embarrassing sexual disorder in men. There is no age barrier for such sexual disorder. This is the problem of maintaining the erection for the sufficient time necessary during having sex. Along with the physiological problem, different psychological setbacks are responsible for similar issue.

Men suffering from ED often suffer from depression and inferiority complexes. It is strongly advised to consult a sexologist or a sex therapist that can help them in curing this problem. If you’re going through similar issue, it is not that you’ll not be cured from the issue. Often this is caused by excessive work pressure, stress related to any serious stuff, anxiety and depression.

Men suffering from chronic diseases such as cholesterol, heart ailments and especially diabetes are worst affected. A recent study has confirmed that around 50% diabetic males are prone to impotency as they fail to hold the erection for sufficient time.

Prolonged erection or Priapism

Men who have their erection more than four hours need immediate help. They are mainly suffering from priapism which is not at all exciting. This needs immediate cure as it can be harmful for the man’s health. Psychiatric medication and side effects of Viagra are often responsible for priapism.

Premature ejaculation

Every one among three men suffers from premature ejaculation. They need proper medication and more therapy for reducing the problem. In fact, these men are mostly given the exercises of squeeze technique so that they can hold the ejaculation for some more time.

These are some common male sexual issues.